Traditional Plaster

Old world technique. Modern Style.

Finding a professional experienced in traditional wet plaster can be difficult. But the search is over.

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    What is traditional plaster?

    Wet plaster uses a cement base and is finished with a smooth top coat. The most traditional way to apply the cement plaster in homes includes using lime. Doing plaster this way dates all the way back to 7500 BC. Today we maintain the same tradition.

    Traditional plaster techniques also include using lathe. Lathe holds the cement in place as you construct your surfaces. If you have ever opened or damaged a wall and saw wood or metal and wondered what it it is your are looking at a plaster wall. To demo a wall that is constructed this way can be difficult because the structure is so strong. Before destroying a wall or ceiling that is structurally superior to modern drywall consider bringing it back to new.

    Plaster is a great option for:

    • Sound deadening
    • Water resistance
    • Increased fire resistance
    • Increased property value

    Historic Plaster Restoration

    Our experienced professionals have worked on historic plaster restorations in homes. We have restored plaster in Farmington Hills, Utica, Milford, Fenton, Oxford, Bloomfield Hills, and even Greenfield Village. The Greenfield Village project took the entire process back to the roots of traditional wet plaster when we worked on the Henry Ford’s house. Using horse hair and blood as a gage retarder the accuracy of the historic technique was matched to the letter.

    Now we are able to offer affordable pricing for what is thought to be a lost art. If you are looking to keep your historic home or business authentic in your project we can help.

    Our experts provide:

    • Traditional products
    • Traditional techniques
    • Ornamental restoration
    • Mixed surface tie in
    • Seamless results
    • Multiple finish options

    Traditional Plaster Services

    You may not have an historic home but still are in need of plaster services. Many older homes and businesses have plaster walls and ceilings and can benefit from maintaining the plaster whether it’s a repair or an addition. Having plaster walls increases the value of your property.

    In many cases home and business owners will opt for drywall to save money. Constructing a plaster wall may be a better option if your goal is to have a space with better sound deadening, fire resistance, and water resistance.

    Cove Ceilings

    Both older and newer homes and businesses often have cove ceilings. Cove ceilings add character and are also a sure sign of a plaster ceiling. Keeping this unique look consistent throughout a property is important.

    If you are looking to add on to your property you will need a professional to keep coves looking good. We have the skills to create new smooth coves and if you need a repair we can fix your cove ceiling easily.

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